Our approach

We work with you to unlock the best solution for your business

Whether you are a small family business, a mid-market company, or a privately owned SME, at EasyHR we believe that you should be able to access world-class advice and support to help you grow your business and maximise your revenue and shareholder returns.

We bring a strong commercial focus to all of our work and will work with you to unlock the best solution for your business. At EasyHR we strongly believe that every interaction with our clients provides an opportunity to help improve their business and grow their people.

Our approach can be tailored to suit your business and be delivered in several different ways to provide maximum flexibility to meet your needs.

Virtual HR Manager

01. Virtual HR Manager

Our “Virtual HR Manager” approach gives you ready access to someone who is in your corner and understands how you and your business work. This can be a practical and useful way to ensure that you have ongoing access to highly experienced support in a cost effective manner.

Some of our clients on a transformational journey like to have someone fully integrated in their business. This may be part-time or full time and can vary in length.

Virtual HR Manager
HR Advisory Services

02. HR Advisory Services

Our advisory services are focussed at providing day to day operational advice and support for the delivery of tactical solutions such as:

  • Developing your HR strategy
  • Building HR policies and templates and agreements
  • Resolving employment relationship
  • problems such as disciplinaries or personal grievances and running investigations

  • Assisting with buying a new business (mergers)
  • Supporting you through the change management related to new systems or processes
  • Workforce planning and workforce management
HR Consulting

03. HR Consulting

Our consulting approach provides a proactive, targeted service that focuses on delivering specific pieces of work as and when required. We provide the support and guidance to ensure that these initiatives are successful and there is minimal disruption to business operations.Our team uses project management disciplines to ensure we deliver to your specific company requirements.

HR Consulting projects or pieces of work may include:

  • improving your processes,
  • implementing a new payroll or HRIS system,
  • establishing a new business unit, or
  • establishing a leadership development programme
HR Consulting
Retained HR Services

04. Retained HR Services

Our retained HR services provide regular access to our expert team, but at a level of investment that is customised to your needs. This option better equips our team to help you achieve your goals and address your needs as we are in your business on a regular basis.

We know not all businesses are the same and each business operates at a different level, our team works closely alongside you to understand your business which moves the HR support from a transactional model to a true partnership.

We help you plan ahead your calendar of HR requirements so that you are ahead of any changes to legislation and any HR and employment matters that arise. You will have the full support of the EasyHR team behind you and be able to tap into our extensive expertise.

The retained service gives you access to a wide range of services that occur as part of business as usual (BAU) in most businesses.

  • Developing your HR Plan
  • Updating HR systems and processes
  • Regular updates to templates and documentation to keep you up to date with legislation changes
  • Employment relationship problems
  • Performance management processes and feedback
  • Workforce planning
HR Business Service Delivery

05. Business Service Delivery

EasyHR can work with you on an ongoing basis to provide skills and expertise in day to day operations where you do not have the capabilities or capacity to manage these tasks in a cost effective manner. These are offered on a transactional basis or on a retainer basis for a negotiated level of support per month.

We can provide your business with services such as:

  • Recruitment and training
  • Drafting of employment agreements
  • Managing probationary period calendars
  • Reporting and communications
  • HR Administration and Documentation
  • Day to day HR advisory services
HR Business Service Delivery
Management and Leadership Training

06. Management and Leadership Training

At EasyHR we provide training solutions designed to develop great leaders with the skills and knowledge to deal with the day to day matters of business. Our training is designed to explore key principles of successful leadership and management, and targeted to your environment to ensure learning is grounded in your relevant day-to-day challenges.

Our management and leadership programmes include areas such as:

  • Introduction to leadership
  • Front line leadership
  • Demystifying engagement
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Leading through others
  • Developing a high performance environment